So, it's not uncommon knowledge that Symbian has around 70% of the world smartphone market, nor is it uncommon knowledge that smartphones in Japan tend to be more advanced than what we use stateside, and they tend to have more functionality. This would probably bother Americans, save for the fact that Symbian enjoys approximately a 0% share of the US market and generally no one has heard of it -- the Nokia E62 is the only notable Symbian phone to come to a US carrier in ages (AT&T), and even then it's pretty well under the radar (it's worth noting that the Symbian powered E62 is about the same functionality-wise as your standard Windows Mobile phone).

So Symbian started up a marketing website called Boo Hoo for You, where you can learn about Symbian and watch a crazy Japanese-style animation where you can learn details about Japanese Symbian phones from an, uh, adorable piece of sushi and an equally, um, adorable octoplegic octopus. I mean, naturally, right? What else? (again, it's worth noting that the E62 does more or less none of what's listed as features)

Dieter and I commented about the earlier Palm Flash ad site we thought was bad in our podcast. This one is worse. Waaay worse. Which probably means it will win the Nobel prize for bad flash ad sites. Check out the video for proof. If somehow you're not convinced after that, there's naturally two bad ringtones to seal the deal. [via Engadget]