Oculus Rift

While the Oculus VR team has already announced their will be attending the E3 2015 video game trade show in Los Angeles, it appears they have some stuff to talk about before it begins on June 16. Some members of the press were sent invites late on Tuesday asking them to attend a media event centering on the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset on June 11 in San Francisco.

As far as what will be shown and discussed at the press conference is still a mystery. The invite showed a picture of the upcoming consumer version of the Oculus Rift with the statement, "Step into the Rift." It's possible that the media event will show off upcoming games that will support the headset, and Oculus VR might even reveal the price tag for the consumer version.

Last week, the company announced the hardware specifications needed to run applications for the Oculus Rift. As it turns out, it will need a Windows PC with some high-end parts for the best performance.

Source: IGN