Microsoft's Office suite for Mac now supports Apple's latest MacBook pro feature (or gimmick, depending on your view): the Touch Bar. Microsoft originally announced it would support the Touch Bar back in October and began testing integration earlier this month on Office Insiders. Now support is rolling out to all Office for Mac users.

Office for Mac rolls out support for the MacBook pro's Touch Bar

With Touch Bar support, Office apps ranging from Word to PowerPoint and Excel can now display some handy little formatting tools on the strip above the keyboard. One particularly useful feature appears in Word, where a user can enter Focus Mode to eliminate on-screen distractions like ribbons and commands while still having access to formatting tools on the Touch Bar.

Meanwhile, Excel will let you select from the most recently used functions on the Touch Bar, while PowerPoint will let you manipulate graphical elements and reorder slides. Of course, Outlook users can also take advantage of the Touch Bar, with the app serving up common commands, a list of recent documents while composing an email, and a shortcut to join a Skype for Business meeting with a tap.

If you or someone you know happens to be a heavy Office user on the latest MacBook pro, these are sure to be some exciting new features to check out. Perhaps more interesting as a Microsoft watcher is to see the company continuing to maintain active support for new features with its apps on what would traditionally be seen as competing platforms.