Sigh. We've complained already that Office Mobile 6.1, released last November and available to all WM6 devices, doesn't include the ability to create new documents on Standard Edition. Sure, there are ways around it, but that's a hassle.

Now find a way around this hassle: Office Mobile 6.1 won't let you save in legacy office formats, only .docx, RTF, and straight text. Foleo Fanatics1 pointed this out yesterday and it sure seems to be the case. We know a lot of folks who haven't updated to the latest office and will be forced to find converters for this sort of thing (and woe betide any Mac user who doesn't have the latest office trying to get a docx document converted). We know you're proud of .docx, Microsoft, and we like alright too even if it's not really the completely standards-based XML you kinda-sorta promised us way back when.

So: workarounds? Save everything in .rtf rich text formats? Switch to Docs to Go (If and when the Pro version supports .docx)? Include an extra attachment with every document you send out detailing to your recipients how to convert the .docx format if need be? What do you folks recommend?

1Making fun of 'Foleo fanatics' after the Foleo has been cancelled is beneath us. Besides, we sort of believed in the Foleo too. You guys keep fighting the good fight, we believe Palm will bring it back in '09!

Update: Lyle writes in:

I was just reading your article about Office Mobile 6.1 only saving to .docx. I am confused. The first thing I did when I got my phone was go to Menu>>Tools>>Options>>Default Template>>.Doc
Now, every time I write something in there and save, it automatically saves as .doc. I didn