Office Online

Office Online, Microsoft's free suite of web-based productivity apps that got rebranded a year ago, have been updated with a number of new features and improvements, including some extra options for managing and saving files.

Opening the "Save As" menu now gives Office Online users some new options:

  • Save As—Saves a copy of the file to your OneDrive. You can to select a new location and name for the file if desired.
  • Rename—Helps you easily change the file name.
  • Download a Copy—Allows you to save a copy of the file outside of your OneDrive onto computer or any attached storage device like a flash drive.
  • Download as PDF—Converts your file format to a PDF and then gives you the same choices as "Download a Copy."

Office Online files can now be saved more quickly on a OneDrive cloud account by clicking "Add to OneDrive" on the toolbar. Users can then pick where they want to save it on their OneDrive account, and once saved it can be shared or edited.

Microsoft has also made it quicker to just start editing files in Office Online apps. It stated:

Now you can directly navigate to your most recently used files or see more files on your OneDrive. You can also quickly create a document with the new blank page template or any other template on your screen.

In addition, Office Online apps now have some improvements for accessing menus in Reading View, along with better proofreading tools and more. The full list of additions and changes can be see on Microsoft's Office blog.

Source: Microsoft