Those of us who use email on a daily basis can find ourselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of mail found in the inbox. Filtering and folders can lend a hand, but that only masks the issue. The Outlook team over at Microsoft have unveiled a new feature that will be added to the Outlook Web App, available for business customers. This new People View will help you check for emails first and stay on top of messages from contacts the system selects as important to you.

The view displays a list of people added as 'favourites'. Email counters will be displayed alongside each listing showing how many unread emails you have from that specific contact. It's possible to select each contact and view emails from that sender, or mark all the messages as read should you not wish to bother. Viewing emails in this view is much like folder view in which you can perform all Outlook tasks you're accustomed to (move, flag, delete, etc).

People View Outlook

What's cool about the new People View is that it's all automatic. There are no rules or settings to configure in the backend. Outlook will monitor the people you communicate with and use frequency of said contact to determine the order the people are listed. When messages are all read from a contact, they're moved lower down the list, enabling you to focus on the next contact who you have new mail from. Should you begin communicating with a new person, they'll be automatically added to the pool of contacts.

So when will People View be available? The team will be rolling out the new feature to Office 365 business customers worldwide over the next several months. Unfortunately, for the time being, the feature is also limited to Outlook Web App. Hopefully, we'll see something similar made available for consumers on Outlook.com.

Source: Office Blog