is getting its first big update since the revamped Office 365 home page rolled out in April, and there are a handful of new tweaks and features to check out. The updates are mainly concerned with making easier to use, offering up quicker access to recent docs and frequently used apps.

Frequently Used Apps

The most prominent change is that your frequently used apps are more prominently displayed across the top of the page. As you use the apps, Microsoft says it will re-order and adjust the app icons to suit your uses.

The recent documents pane has also received some love. Now, you can filter what documents you want to see by their type: Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote. For documents you find yourself coming back to, you can pin them to the top of the pane.

Recent Documents

Lastly, Skype for Business users will now be able to keep track of all of their meetings with a dedicated section of the home page. If a meeting is about to start, you can join in with a click. You can also now create lists of tasks that sync across Outlook on all of your devices.

These updates are rolling out on now, but they may take time to appear for everyone. If you're not seeing the updates for yourself, Microsoft says they will continue to roll out through early 2017.