Now that Mango is so close you can taste it, we're starting to see the big guns land in the Marketplace. One of those is the official eBay app, as it just got bumped from 1.12 to 1.13. More interestingly, it's listed as a second app instead of an update to your existing version. Now worries, we have the new link below.

The app has had a UI change with the main start screen showing more info on a single page and smaller icons. But the big Mango features are:

  • Pin searches or individual auctions to your Start screen
  • Fast app resume
  • Live barcode scanner

That last one is kind of neat. Now that devs have the camera API, they can make live scanners for barcodes (instead of taking a photo and analyzing). The feature is self explanatory: you scan the item and it searches eBay for the best price. Of course you'll need decent lighting but it worked like a charm for us.

Finally, the last feature is a shopping assistant called eBay Explorer (beta). Using the Metro tiles, it allows you to drill down items in eBay based on your responses e.g. category, gender, price, occasions, etc. It works pretty well and should help us men who need last minute gifts for like everyone. Amirite, guys? [@J45PER lets us know that Explorer ssems to be US-only at this time]

Pick up the new eBay app in the Marketplace. Thanks, @ogracia, for the tip!