Yet another major app has landed for the Windows Phone Marketplace today. FatFingers.com is a well known website and service that specializes in finding misspelled items on eBay, which is a great way to bid on auctions that most people will miss when searching.

For instance, if a seller writes "Nokai" for "Nokia" this service will find just those items. In turn, you'll have a better chance of picking up that device or accessory at a lower cost, since others won't ever see it.

So if you're an eBay fiend, you'll want to go and grab the official FatFingers.com app for Windows Phone. The app has a free trial with some limited features while the full version, which fetches for $1.29 "for a limited time", has all sorts of goodies including:

  • List of recent searches (2 for trial, unlimited for full)
  • Save searches (2 for trial, unlimited for full)
  • Group search results by category (Full version only)
  • Pin search terms to Start menu (Full version only)
  • Add item to your eBay Watch List (Full version only)

We just gave the app a spin and find it to be quite solid. There are a couple of UI issue we'd like to see e.g. add a search button (in addition to hitting enter) and maybe a pull more for item lists. But those are nits. The core of the app works very well and is a great tool for help finding deals on eBay.

We also really like how you can change eBay locales (UK is default, but you can change to any country to search) and how you can 1-tap add found items to your eBay Watch List (you'll need to associate your eBay account with FatFingers.com during a one-time setup).

Overall, a solid app and we're glad to see it on Windows Phone. Pick up the trial here on the Marketplace.