Last night, there was evidently no Facebook Beta update. We suppose the beta team is on vacation, taking a week off. Instead, we managed to pick up an update for the official app, bringing it to version for Windows Phone 7.x and 8, respectively.

That’s all well and good though if you were looking for some new features or something vastly different, you may have to keep waiting. Although we have received exactly one million, five hundred and one thousand tips, not one of those detailed any noticeable changes. Sure there’s the usual “it feels faster” but at this point, that has become nothing but a running joke.

Of course by this point, you may have noticed the Store tile counter reflecting the update, but if not, head to the Store here to pick up the latest version of the Facebook app. Have a theory as to what is different? Share it comments.

Want to live dangerously? Grab the Facebook Beta app here.

Thanks, to everyone in the world, for the tip

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