What better way to start off the morning than with an update for the official Facebook app? And we’re not talking about the beta one either, but the full-fledged version that usually lags behind the beta by a few weeks. Indeed, the last time it was updated was in July so it’s about due for its 30-day fix up.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a changelog listed in the app description, though if we had to venture to guess it includes some of those beta features introduced last week, though evidently not multiple image support (we'll update this post if we note any changes). Will it fix issues people are having? We hope so, because despite all the improvements the last few Store reviews have been abysmal. 

Regardless, if you’ve been having problems with the official Facebook app and aren’t keen on using the Beta, then you can grab version here in the Store (if you do want to live on the edge of your seat, here’s the Beta link). It’s still Windows Phone 8 only and nope, we have no idea where that Windows Phone 7.x beta is, despite it reportedly coming out this month.

Update: Oddly enough, version 5.0.3 has been on the Store already yet the "updated date" now reads for today. We're unsure if this is a minor fix or just a Store error.

Update 2: When not logged into the Windows Phone Store, it does list 5.0.3 for Windows Phone 7.x, though it is currently not live. What we could be seeing is the Store live pushing out the update to their servers. Stay tuned.

Update 3: Sorry folks, no Windows Phone 7.x version inbound as far as we can tell.

Via: Windows Phone Apps

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