Love it or hate (we're the latter, but whatever), Groupon is big and their official app just got the Mango treatment is rightly deserves. So for those of you who have it or for those who didn't know about it, you'll want to go and get this admittedly nice looking app a spin.

Hitting version 2.0, the developers went beyond the usual fast-app switching which is automatic for a Mango app. Instead, they've embraced a bunch of Mango features, making this quite a worthy update:

"You can now browse, purchase, and redeem Groupon Now! deals, as well as pin any division or Groupon Now! to the home screen as two-sided live tiles. We've also updated our push notification service so that you get notified when deals are available for you!"

What's to not like about all of that? Not much, so head here to the Marketplace and get it now. Thanks, Matthew S., for the tip using our app!