for Windows Phone 8, the one-stop place for all computer geeks and nerds, is one of our top official apps on the platform. It’s always been well designed and even has some unique features, like the ‘time machine’ feature added to the last update.

Version 1.4 is now live in the Store, and although it’s not a huge update, it’s important enough for HTC 8X and ATIV S users out there, as you can now finally take advantage of the full-resolution support it brings. The latest update also brings some more “bug fixes” but the main take away here is the WP8 support. Windows Phone

Unfortunately, Newegg has not yet opted for more advanced WP8 features like Lockscreen notifications or even a double wide tile. But this 1.4 update does have fast-app resume and it is super quick on loading, ensuring a solid user experience.

Pick up version 1.4 of the official app here in the Store. Thanks, Eric D., for the heads up