WP Central Official PayPal App for Windows Phone now available

We reported a while back that Nokia were helping to bring PayPal to Windows Phone. Well for all those out there that have been waiting with bated breath, it’s finally with us.

We are still trying to confirm the availability in all regions but can confirm 100% that UK and USA are able to see and install the app--you don't need a Nokia phone either. Having installed the app its looking very nice indeed, sporting a smooth scrolling panoramic layout. For a version 1.0 release this is looking very good indeed.

Official Paypal app for Windows Phone

The app is free and signed off in the marketplace as coming from eBay Inc. So we’re certain of its authenticity, just a little surprised at the lack of hoopla for this important release.

WP Central Official PayPal App for Windows Phone now available

The features included are :


  • Whether you want to send a money gift or pay off a loan from a friend—sending money is easy and FREE(when using Bank or Balance as a funding source)


  • Check your balance, withdraw funds or view past transactions—anytime, anywhere


  • New “Local” feature where you can find local merchants who are using our PayPal Here™ service and pay them with PayPal.
  • Online or on-the-go, your financial information is always safe and secure with PayPal.

Another important piece to the puzzle fits into place with this app. For many users it's apps like these that are simply not replaceable. This is a clear case of Nokia helping to strengthen the eco system with this sort of developer initiative.

This is quite early on so some may not see the app through searching, if the app is unavailable in your region let us know in the comments.

Thanks to Mark Tepper for the tip! :)

Download link HERE

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