For those of you with Home Theater PC setups that use Plex Media Center for software, you'll be excited to know that the company is about to release their Mobile app for Windows Phone.

Plex (see site) is a very popular software package that includes a server and PC software for viewing your movies, music and photos wherever, whenever. It's also available on iOS, Mac, the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, making it a fairly robust option for those with families and gigs of hardware space for storing their media. On top of that, the volunteer developer community around the project ensures that services like Hulu, Netflix  and other sites get supported via plugins.

Evidently, the company has been working on a client for Windows Phone for sometime as it has already been submitted to the Marketplace and is waiting for approval. In a newly created sub-forum on their site for Windows Phone, both a Plex developer and Plex blogger Elan both chimed in on the matter:

"You should take a forum being created for it as a good sign"

"The app has been approved by Microsoft, and we're in the process of making it live in the store! "

So now all there is left to do is wait until the app shows up in the Marketplace, which could take a few days. The app should have the same functionality as the iOS and Android variants, giving users the ability to stream all their media on the go with a slick interface. We'll keep you posted.

Take a peek after the break to see the iPhone version in action. Needless to say, it's a nice app...

Source: Plex Forums; Thanks, Sean M., for the heads up!