Sochi 2014 Guide

Do you like Russia? Do you like the Olympics? Then you may want to pick up the official Sochi 2014 Guide for Windows Phone. Of course, that’s only if you’re actually going to Sochi, Russia to see the games live (we’re staying at home to watch on our 55” HDTV, thank you).

Sochi 2014 Guide

If you’re not going to the 2014 Olympics, take solace in knowing that this official app was simultaneously released on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. That in and of itself deserves a medal.  Then again, when you consider how big Windows Phone is in Russia (hint: it’s bigger than the iPhone), we suppose it was a smart decision.

The Sochi Guide is what it sounds like, a nifty app to help you find venues, routes to get there, events to catch, photos and it even boasts push notifications. All and all, a must have if you’re attending the games and own a Windows Phone.

You can head to the Store and pick up the Sochi 2014 Guide for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 here.


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