Songza for Windows Phone 8

Back at the end of June, the official Songza app for Windows 8 launched during Microsoft’s //Build/ conference.  That was after an earlier report from the company in April, where they announced a Windows 8 app and said they would begin working on a Windows Phone version soon thereafter.

So it’s never been a question of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’.

Here we are though in September and there’s still no sign of the music app, but that may be changing. The company in a private Facebook chat revealed that the app should arrive next week for Windows Phone 8.

That confirms some earlier internal reports that Windows Phone Central has heard suggesting that the app was nearing completion as well—so we’re leaning heavily on this little news morsel.

For those who don’t know, Songza ( is not just for streaming music but prides itself on curated playlists custom tailored for your preferences e.g. songs with no lyrics, genres, playlists based on activities, or even eras like "90s One-Hit Wonders". It’s a wildly popular music service that already has support on iOS and Android. Nailing an official app for Windows Phone 8 will help push the OS more into mainstream hands and we’re excited for it.

We’ll of course dig deeper to find out more on the official Songza app for Windows Phone 8. We’re confident though if it doesn’t drop next week, it will be arriving soon.

Thanks, Jake, for the tip