The official Twitter app for Windows Phone, which received a hearty update a few months ago, has just been bumped to version 2.1 and it’s quite significant too.

The big new feature is integrated Lens support with filters. That means you can snap a photo and quickly post it to your Twitter account (or accounts, as multiple ones are supported) and add some nifty filters like Vignette, Warm, Cool, 1963, 1972, Golden Hour, Antique, and the classic Black and White.

Twitter Lens Support WP8

Not only is the feature useful and unique to Windows Phone (no one else has Lens support, after all) but we can’t but think this is a shot at Instagram again. While some are still holding on to the notion that an official app is on the way (we disagree), between Instance on the Store and now this Twitter Lens/Filter double punch, we can’t but think this is Microsoft’s way of substitution (in fairness, iOS has had image filters in their Twitter app for quite some time too, so only Lens support is unique here).

The other less exciting (but still useful) feature is the ability to now watch Vine video clips within the app itself (though you can cannot create or upload Vine snippits quite yet).

Either way, the official Twitter app for Windows Phone is pretty amazing, especially for free, and with this well-executed Lens/Filter combination, we can’t help but be excited for this app’s continued development.

Pick up Twitter for Windows Phone, version 2.1, here in the Store. Thanks, A A A and Jonathan D., for the tips!

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