Last night, we announced our name change from WPCentral to Windows Central. Since then, we have been blown away by the positive response, so a big thank you to everyone! At the time, we noted that our apps would be updated accordingly to reflect those changes. After just 24-hours, both the Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 apps are now getting that refresh!

There are no new features in these releases, as we are saving the good stuff for the in-progress rewrite of the app to make it a universal app. Instead, this update is mostly cosmetic to reflect the new name where we found it mentioned. We did remove the Wallpaper section for now until we can get some new ones made.

If we miss something, you can always let us know in the forums dedicated to our app's development.

Because of changes in the domain, after you update the app you will need to re-login to make comments or use the forums again, so please have your account name and password ready. In addition, you may need to re-pin the app to your Start screen to reflect the name change as well. Other than that, enjoy Windows Central on your phone, PC or tablet!

Heads up: As of 5 pm ET, both app updates are now live in their respective stores. Some bugs in the Windows Phone version were found and a hot-fix patch will be released very soon!

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