There aren't many things that I am certain of in this world. But something I know for a fact is that after a big app update, the public are amazing at finding bugs that a developer would miss.

With that simple fact I direct you here to find the v3.1 update to our official Windows Phone app. This is entirely a bug-fixing release which addresses several areas mostly within the forums, a few are listed below...

  • Fixed 4 forum response bugs which caused the app to crash
  • Fixed 2 instances of live tile refreshing causing the app to crash
  • Implemented an improvement for the live tile not rendering bug (more on this below)
  • Fixed a design oversight when viewing videos with the light theme
  • Fixed a bug where old or saved offline articles would cause the app to crash
  • Added bitmap caching to certain image viewing pages to hopefully resolve memory problems on certain devices

I should comment that the bug which causes the tile to incorrectly render with the word "windows" on black rather than our logo is not fully fixed in this version, but should occur less frequently. The good news is that I am currently testing a build which I believe has completely fixed it, you'll find that soon as a v3.2.

As always your feedback is welcome in any form you chose to give it to us, but to answer 2 questions up front:

  • A Windows Phone 8 version is currently being worked on, but right now supporting Windows Phone 7 is my priority to cover all of our users
  • A Windows RT app is in the early stages of design, don't expect it soon but it will happen

With that I bid you happy browsing, reading and posting!

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