We've had thousands of downloads, putting the WPCental app in the top five of News & Weather in the Marketplace. So we're glad to announce that v1.2 is now ready for download (see our video preview here) making the app that much better.

We listened to a lot of your feedback and we think you'll be pleased with the entire changelog, which brings greater control over the app to you:

  • Adjusted the UI layout to have consistent margins and font styling
  • Article text font sizes can now be adjusted through pinch-to-zoom gestures
  • Live tile consistency improved and added option to enable or disable the live tile
  • Optimizations to the animations to improve app speed
  • Fixed crash in adverts when the UI moved too fast for AdMob
  • Fixed crashes relating to “Parameter is incorrect” and “Argument out of range” exceptions
  • Fixed rare crash relating to feed caching
  • Fixed bug where feed refresh would sometimes fail, causing the app to never pick up new feeds

In addition, we've added a nice, swanky 'Settings' button near the top, to give you greater control over how the app behaves, including:

  1. Feedback on refresh
  2. Haptic feedback
  3. Lock portrait view
  4. All black theme
  5. Simple text title

Over all, the experience should be much better now and hopefully it should address most of your concerns. You can grab the app right here in the Marketplace.  Remember, the app is free (using the unlimited "Trial") with ads or $0.99 with no ads and some bonus features e.g. Live Tile, videos, etc. Let us know in comments what you think!

Some video after the break.