Hey look at that! Our beta wrapped up a few days ago and v1.3 is now live in the Marketplace for your pleasure. Seeing as we had about 50 beta testers this time around, we're confident that just about every little bug and user-issues were addressed.

Of course we still have loads of work to do, including comment support which is the sole focus in v1.4. And we've already started toying with advanced Mango features, like playing the podcast in the background and quick resume for multitasking.

Full change-log is after the break, in the meantime grab the app here in the Marketplace and like always, hit us with your feedback! Don't forget, give a big thanks to our developer & podcast co-host, Jay Bennett (@jaytbennett; site) and our own Richard Edmonds for the updated graphics.

And just like before, the app comes in two varieties: Free (ad-supported, limited features) or paid ($0.99). To get the free version, just download and use the Trial--that's the free version and doesn't expire.

Changes in Version 1.3

  • Overhaul of article reading display – inline images & formatting
  • Dedicated comments pivot
  • Editable tweets
  • Facebook integration with posting articles to wall
  • Shareable links to each article
  • New dynamic ‘metro’ theme
  • New image viewer with pinch to zoom
  • Save images to your phone
  • Improved listings by resuming to previous point in list and only refreshing on new articles
  • Fixed a rare crash when navigating the app
  • Fixed a situation where the Live Tile could become stuck
  • Tile now matches system accent color
  • Speed optimizations including improved scrolling on pre-Mango devices