Oggl Windows Phone

It seems like it was only two days ago that Oggl and Oggl Pro were updated on Windows Phone. That’s mostly because it was just two days ago. Here we are and see two updates for Hipstamatic’s apps in the Store. Let’s go check out what’s new in this quick update.

Two days ago Oggl and Oggl Pro received a small update that didn’t come with a changelog. We surmised that it was just bug fixes and/or other optimizations to the apps. Today we see version in the Store for both Oggl and Oggl Pro. And again no new changelog. It looks like just another round of bug fixes. Although, it does seem faster.

Want to get in on the photography action on your Windows Phone? If you have a Nokia Lumia 1020 you’ll want to get Oggl Pro in the Windows Phone Store. Everyone else (including the Lumia 1520) will want Oggl, which you can also get in the Windows Phone Store. QR codes are listed below, first up is Ogg and second up is Oggl Pro. 

QR: Oggl

QR: Oggl Pro