Update: Telus has withdrawn the "adult content" from their portal. Looks like the press was just too much.

Company spokesman Jim Johannsson said Wednesday that Telus “took the feedback to heart” and decided to cancel the service, for which it had charged interested customers between $3 and $4 for downloads of what the company called “adult content.”

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I usually try to put up an image with every article, but let's skip it for this one, okay? Canadian wireless carrier Telus recently added "adult content" to its mobile portal, something US carriers have been loathe to do. As MocoNews points out, US carriers have resisted because they probably fear reactions like that of Canadian Archbiship Roussin - who has called for a boycott.

Most interesting to me, though, is that Telus made the move based on "its customers’ mobile Web browsing habits. [...] 13 of the 25 most-popular sites were [...] “adult content"." I wouldn't have guessed that at all.

Canadian telco Telus has added an “adults only” section to its portal, making it the first in North America to do so according to the New York Times. The service offers images of naked men and women for CA$3 (US$2.60) or short video clips for CA$4.

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