Tower of Guns - self styled as the "ultimate bullet-hell" first person shooter is gunning for an Xbox One launch on April 10th.

Featuring procedurally generated levels and enemies, Tower of Guns seeks to recapture the rawness of the old school FPS, providing players with ridiculous weapons, huge and elaborate boss fights, vast potential for upgrades, secrets and endless legions of enemies just begging to be blown up.

"Entering the Tower of Guns is a pure FPS experience for players who just want to get hold of the biggest guns imaginable, wasting a whole host of enemies and perils in a tidal wave of bullets, battle gigantic terrifying bosses, and upgrade abilities and modify gear to make themselves the ultimate firepower force."

Tower of Guns is developed by Terrible Posture Games (great name) and Grip Digital, hitting Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program. Grip Digital CEO Jakub Mikyska describes the game thusly:

"Tower of Guns is the perfect treat for first-person shooter fans on the PSN and on Xbox. It's fully loaded up with content, endless gameplay, over-the-top weapons and upgrades – oh, and yes, and it definitely has an attitude."

Tower of Guns is locking on to your Xbox One on April 10th 2015 for $14.99 / €14.99.