Windows 10

It's been nearly two months since Microsoft released the current 9926 public preview version of Windows 10 for PCs. Now it appears that one particular bug is making the development team make a choice on whether or not to release the new build soon or wait.

Windows team member, Gabriel Aul, who wrote about how and when Microsoft releases new Windows 10 builds to the public earlier this week, responded to an inquiry about how the current build is doing in testing. He replied:

" I won't usually do this but I want to honor the feedback & intent of blog: It's a good build. 1 blocking bug. Weighing options."

The same person then asked Aul, "So we'll either get this new build very very soon or you'll move to testing the next build for release. Am I in the ballpark?". Aul replied with a simple, "Yep." So we'll probably know the choice made soon enough one way or another.

Source: Gabriel Aul (Twitter); Via: Neowin