OneDrive to rule them all

There's a new update for OneDrive on Windows Phone, and they've dubbed this one to be version The last update (v 4.2) brought improvements to the downloading experience for the OneDrive app, but this one? We're not sure.

That said, X.X.1.0 is a relatively small version number bump, so if we had to wager we'd say it's likely a bundle of relatively minor bug fixes not warranting a proper changelog. Which is, of course, a non-factual statement: every app update, no matter how minor, deserves a proper change log, even if it's taking 10 seconds to type out "bug fixes."

So we're on version of OneDrive now, and we're not seeing anything radically different. Check it out and let us know if you see anything new.

Update: A lot of you are reporting that this update fixes the photo hub integration, which broke for some of you in the last update. Enjoy.

Thanks to everybody for the tips!

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