OneDrive for Windows Phone picks up a little search help from Cortana in latest update

Microsoft announced the rollout of a new update to OneDrive for Windows Phone today that adds in support for Cortana search, allowing users to search their OneDrive files by simply speaking to the digital assistant. Here's how Microsoft describes the feature in their blog post:

"Finding files in your personal OneDrive with Windows Phone couldn't be simpler. Now, in available markets, you can just go to Cortana and quickly find that note you jotted down or that beautiful vacation photo. It's as easy as talking to Cortana and saying, "OneDrive search for Hawaii sunset photos" to find pictures from Hawaii that were automatically recognized as sunsets. Or you could even search for a specific word or phrase that is buried deep within an Office document or PDF."

The extensibility of Cortana's feature set here is pretty impressive. The ability to recognize certain details of photographs, or dig through office files for specific phrases is bound to come in handy for some.

While Microsoft says that the update should begin rolling out this evening, it doesn't look like it has hit the Windows Phone Store yet. However, it shouldn't be too far off, and you can grab it from the store link below when it's available.

Source: Microsoft

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