OneNote scores integration with Wordpress, cloudHQ, and Equil

Microsoft announced a few new additions to its OneNote partner program today, bringing tight integration with three new apps: Wordpress, cloudHQ, and Equil.

Perhaps the most noteworthy of today's additions is with Wordpress. Users of the blogging service will now be able to write new posts in OneNote and then transfer them over to Wordpress with the click of a button thanks to a new OneNote plugin.

If you're unfamiliar with cloudHQ, the service is like a hub for all of your cloud storage accounts. With OneNote integration, cloudHQ users will be able to automatically sync their notebooks with cloud accounts from services like Dropbox or Salesforce. Finally, users with a smartpen from Equil will now be able to sync the corresponding Equil Note app up with OneNote to automatically send their writings to their notebooks.

If you'd like to check out all of these new partner apps, you can hit up the source link below to learn how to get started.

Source: Microsoft