OneNote APIs

Last week the OneNote team at Microsoft was very busy. On Monday they announced a handful of new products and changes. OneNote is now available (and free) for the desktop on both Windows and Mac. Office Lens is a new OneNote application for Windows Phone. And finally, the team introduced a host of new APIs for both hardware and software products to tie into OneNote. Those APIs were just the beginning. The OneNote team is already working on additional APIs to expand functionality even more.

Head on over to the OneNote blog and you’ll see a list of upcoming APIs the team is working on. They plan to have these available to developers in 3-6 months from now. But they also want your feedback. Like the APIs? Want different ones? Let them know on their UserVoice page.

Here’s the list of upcoming APIs the OneNote team hopes to have available:

  • PDF Rendering
  • Improved error codes
  • API to create in a specific notebook and section
  • API to create a notebook
  • API to create a section
  • API to do whole page replacement
  • API to get default location
  • Checkbox and other tag support
  • API to delete a notebook, delete a section and delete a page
  • API to recall list of pages
  • API to recall page content
  • API to recall images across notebooks or within a notebook

Office Lens

The OneNote team has an idea of which APIs to prioritize over others, but they’d love to hear what you want too. Be sure to hit up that UserVoice and let your voice be heard.

As a user, what features would you like to see soonest? Sound off below!

Source: OneNote