Today Microsoft’s OneNote team announced an update for their Windows Store application, adding two new features. The first addition to the app allows users to easily sign in with their Office 365 accounts to open up and edit notes from work. The second addition allows users to easily dismiss the touch screen keyboard while working.

To open one of your Office 365 notebooks in OneNote, start the application and select the “More Notebooks” option in the upper right corner. Next, select “Add a work or school account” at the bottom of the screen.

If you find yourself working in OneNote and want to dismiss the touch screen keyboard to view what you have written, you can now tap any of the empty space in the notebook to dismiss the keyboard. We find it odd that this feature was never included in the original release as it seems to be a no brainer – at least we have it now.

You can grab the latest update for OneNote by clicking here in the Windows Store.

Are you a OneNote user or do you still rely on a third party service like Evernote – why?

Source: OneNote Blog