Oni: Light Control

Oni: Light Control is a unique Windows Phone app that enables you to control lighting in your home, matching your current mood and more. Being able to control lighting remotely using your Windows Phone can create some cool effects. Available for some time, we've covered the app being updated numerous times in the past. Today we're looking at version 1.5, which brings a number of additions to the table, so let's jump right in.

Taking into account feature requests and feedback provided by users, the developers of Oni: Light Control have added in some new features. Now that Philips (note that Oni works with third-party lighting) has updated its lighting firmware to support recurring scheduling, Oni for Windows Phone now sports this as an addition in the latest release.

That's the main feature implemented, but there are also minor fixes addressing some issues and added hardware support. This includes Philips Hue LightStrips and Color Bloom. Lastly, if you're already rocking compatible lighting and have been enjoying the Oni experience on Windows Phone for some time, the developer has added a feature to have the bridge fetch the latest update from the manufacturer.

If you haven't yet checked out customisable lighting and Oni: Light Control, we recommend you check out the official website for more information before looking at the different lighting available as it's rather expensive. To wrap up the official blog post, the Oni team tease about an upcoming major update in the works that everyone "will really appreciate." What this may be hinting at is currently unknown.

You can download Oni: Light Control from the Windows Phone Store. Head on over to their website (www.oni.io) for details and support if you're unlocking some problems. Source: Untitled Network

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