The Onion 7 App

The Onion 7 (see our review) is an unofficial client for the news website that covers news, sports, politics, and more with a humorous twist. The stories, including Russian hackers targeting a water pump in Illinois, are guaranteed to lighten up your mood, or simply make you giggle on the train to yourself. The app has recently been Mango updated (version 2.0) and brings the following to the table:

  • Updated for Mango (fast-app switching, etc.)
  • Correctly shows apostrophe's that used to look garbled
  • Article images post correctly on Facebook in more cases now

It's well worth the download and is an interesting take on news reporting. Should the water pump story not catch you, how about a robot warning you when someone's about to walk in on you pulling Peter?

You can download The Onion 7 from the Marketplace for free (or £1.49 for ad-free version).