Xbox One at E3

Microsoft promoted the Xbox One heavily during E3 2015 last week, but the console continues to be a sales disaster in the game-crazy country of Japan. During the week of June 8-14, only 100 Xbox One consoles were sold in Japan, a new low for any version of the console.

By contrast, Nintendo's Wi U, which is a sales disaster in every other part of the world, sold 16,413 units in Japan that week and Sony's PlayStation 4 sold 10,822 units. Even the Vita TV, the cheap set-top box that's known as the PlayStation TV in the US, sold 566 units in Japan last week, over five times what the Xbox One sold.

This is sadly a case of history repeating itself. The previous two Xbox console did not sell well in Japan, despite heavy promotion in that country from Microsoft. In 2014, the company launched the Xbox One in Japan but only sold 23,562 units in that country in its first four days. By contrast, the Xbox 360 sold 62,135 units in just its first two days in 2005 and the original Xbox sold 123,000 units in three days in 2002.

Source: Media Create; Via: Kotaku