Microsoft has its work cut out for them in the United States where perception of the tech giant is seen as less hip than Apple. Besides the near ubiquitous adoption by celebrities of the iPhone, the US Congress is also evidently a big fan of Cupertino's hardware.

Popular DC rag The Hill conducted a survey back at the beginning of the month asking members of Congress which phones they used. As it turns out, more than 71 percent of our lawmakers use iPhones, with 28 percent still using BlackBerry. Android does not fair too well either, with only 9 percent favoring the somewhat convoluted mobile OS. Many in Congress also carry multiple phones.

However, nothing tops the loneliness of Windows Phone, where only one member of Congress uses the Tile-friendly operating system. Rep. Suzan DelBene (D-Wash.), a former Microsoft executive, was the only one to go on record as embracing Microsoft's mobile software. Perhaps not too surprisingly, her district includes Microsoft's headquarters.

The mass-adoption of Apple products by Congress is interesting if only because it does not reflect current trends in the US. Android clearly leads in smartphone sales with 63 percent, compared to Apple's 30, according to Kantar in October.

In other words, if there was an argument about Congress being out of touch with the people, their smartphone usage also reflects that notion. Then again, with a14% approval rating, perhaps having the US Congress on your side is not a good thing.

Source: The Hill; via Reddit