After first announcing plans for a beta test a few months ago, the team behind the Onyu contact management app have launched its Windows Phone version to the general public this week.

Here's how Onyu descrived how its app and service works and why it's different than other contact lists:

"Onyu acts as a state of the art mobile address book, allowing you to stay in touch with all of your contacts without having to manually maintain contact lists. It allows each user to keep their own information up to date and share it with whoever they choose. The result is a beautifully simple way to stay in touch and keep up to date. No social networks required.

"What's more, all of your information is held encrypted in our cloud. This means whenever you log in to a new device, your information and all of your contacts will instantly be available to you. And when we say encrypted, we really mean encrypted. Unlike other services, our application encrypts your data using state of the art client side technology. This means that we have no way of accessing your information when it lands on our servers, even if wanted to. We simply do not hold the keys to unlock it."

Onyu for Windows Phone

The development team adds that they plan to release bug fixes and new features for Onyu on a regular basis and already have plans to release a version that will work with Windows 10.

Download Onyu from the Windows Phone Store (free)

QR: Onyu

Thanks to Anthony R for the tip!