We have yet another contender in the Twitter battle for Windows Phone (we've lost count weeks ago). Today's entry is 'Mahtweets' which is open sourced (so you can download the code and make it better). The app is free and completely functional but you can "buy" it for $0.99 if you want to support future development, something we always encourage.

So how is it? Like all other Twitter clients, it has some really good mixed with a few hiccups (but seeing as it's version 0.7, we can't be too harsh). We really like how many Tweets you can see on a single view and we think the ability to tap a message to reveal those power icons is really awesome. The lack of aggressive caching as well as the inability to run below the lock-screen make it a bit sluggish sometimes (and don't let your screen time out if composing a Tweet, you'll lose it). The option to configure your timelines is very cool but awkward and confusing (especially the checkboxes). Finally, we like the URL shortening, geotagging, photo uploads and ability to favorite--meaning this has all the core functions for a Twitter app. (And no, there's no Live Tile/Push).

Give it a spin, leave a comment as to your thoughts. Ours? We see real potential here, but it's still too early in development to make it #1. We seriously look forward to future updates. Download it here in the Marketplace.