One of the obstacles for Windows Phone 7 game developers is getting their app noticed--competition with the Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone games is fierce and tipped in their favor. While we have seen some social, multiplayer, social gaming form individual developers (e.g. AlphaJax, SpellIt, Broiled Earth, Haypi Kingdom), there's no indie Xbox LIVE alternative for software companies to work with and through, until now.

OpenXLive by by Fulcrum Mobile Networks, Inc appears to do just that, offering a comparable system to the iPhone (who until recently lacked any official gaming support) and giving developers an easy way to offer online, social gaming. By giving software houses the ability to add leaderboards and achievements, it at least offers more bang-for-your-buck when buying software.

For the end users, you just create an account and your username will follow you with every game that uses the OpenXLive network. Hopefully this idea will catch on and we'll start to see more developers taking advantage of this system. Of course while this sounds good for us, we're not sure how developers will like the terms and service, so we'll have to wait and see if they embrace.

Source: OpenXLive; via 1800PocketPc; Thanks, Saijo, for the tip