The new Opera 39 web browser update for Windows PCs includes an integrated newsreader, along with improvements to its video pop out feature.

Opera 30

In a blog post, Opera stated:

With Opera 39 you can also experience a new way of enjoying news. Go to the start page and click the newspaper icon on the left. Opera brings you personalized news in our brand new newsreader, with one-stop news tailored just for you. The feature lets you personalize your newsfeed by selecting from favorite news sources, and choose how you would like to display article excerpts and images. There are no ads, and you can mix new sources as you like from different regions and languages. Click "Top 50" in the newsreader side panel to get access to top news picks for a selected country. The "Top 50" is separate from your personal feed, but you can easily add sources you like from it to your feed. Find out how we select top sources for you.

In addition, the browser's video pop out feature, which was added to Opera in May, is getting some improvements with this update:

Now, you can pop out videos from more websites, including Vimeo, and play/pause with a single click. There is also now an option to disable the feature, for those who do not want it.

There's also some changes to the ad blocker feature in Opera 39:

With this release, advanced users can now add their own block lists. To find a new list, make a web search for blocking lists recommended for your region; then, copy and paste it into the "Custom block lists" dialog in your preferences. Once added, the browser will start using the list immediately without the need to restart Opera.

Download Opera 39 for Windows