Opera is giving developers a chance to check out a whole new look and feel coming to the browser. Codenamed Reborn, the project brings a revamped UI with some cool new interface tweaks and features to check out. And though it's currently only available to test on the developer branch, it's a neat look at what Opera has coming down the line.

Opera debuts new look and feel with project Reborn

Here's how Opera describes the redesign:

Opera's entire design has been updated with a new, high-quality graphical design that is less platform-specific. The tabs are simplified, lighter and more elegant, making it easier to locate open tabs. The new sidebar is more subtle and refined, with a touch of animation. Speed Dial has also been given a fresh look with smooth animations.

One of the bigger changes is the sidebar's move from Speed Dial to the main browser window. You'll have quick access to common functions like bookmarks and history from the side of the main window, and you can customize those tools to your liking.

Perhaps even cooler for those of us who live in Facebook Messenger, Opera has added the ability to keep Messenger.com in the sidebar. That means your Facebook messages are always accessible right from the sidebar without fumbling with tabs. A minor change, but a neat one nonetheless. Lastly, as part of the whole "new look and feel," you'll be able to switch between a light and dark theme depending on your preference.

Opera Reborn - Dark/Light

This is all part of a bigger "Reborn" project that Opera promises to tell us more about soon. And as things wear on, it will be interesting to see if anything from Opera's experimental Neon browser makes its way to Reborn. For right now, though, if you're willing to install Opera's developer stream, you can try out the new look and feel now.

Download Opera Developer for Windows