It has been quite a few weeks since Opera graced us with a new beta of Opera Mobile 10 and we've been wondering just what have they been up to in the mean time.

The answer is they've been busy adding Flash Lite support to the browser in addition to improving speed by 50% (according to them).  Not bad, not bad. Then again, they were rumored to be adding Flash lite one year ago.

To refresh, Flash Lite is what Mobile Internet Explorer has been using for at least a year already (Microsoft really doesn't get enough credit for that fact). It's not full Flash, but it will allow you to watch YouTube and some other embedded videos within the browser, which is a start. In fact, due to the aging OS and standard hardware, doing full Flash would really drag the device down.

Other fixes/changes include:

  • keypad/smartphone support
  • Flash Lite 3.1 support (disabled by default)
  • Complete bookmark sync in Opera Link
  • BIDI support also for language extensions
  • phone numbers in plain text are converted to links
  • support for background sound
  • general bug fixing (stability, UI)

That's right Standard users, you finally get keypad support!  Looks like Opera didn't forget you exist.  To turn on Flash Lite, since it is off by default, go to Tools --> Settings --> Advanced and set Plug-ins to “On”.

Grab the browser here:

[via RedmondPie]