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This is a massive spell of Déjà vu, folks. With what happened last time, we'll recommend taking this story with a whole mine of salt.

It seems Orange in Switzerland is potentially going through the same issue as O2 Germany last month by confirming that a Lumia 900 32GB version is actually on the way.

O2 Germany previously stated on Twitter that they would be stocking the 32GB version and it was also listed on the website. They then subsequently smashed all hope and dreams by following-up with a "Sorry guys, typo error" announcement. With that in mind, let's not get too excited about what's happening over at Orange, for now anyway.

A reader of the French community MonWindowsPhone got in touch with Orange Switzerland to query if they know of said Lumia 900 version, the response was a confirmation. Now, we're not ones to continuously approach every rumour with skepticism, but this is all down on a reader contacting a carrier representative.

Plus, we've got a response from Nokia UK stating they have no knowledge of a Lumia 900 sporting 32GBs of storage. We'll continue to sit on the fence for now, but that's not to say we can't see Nokia launching a 32GB version in the future, especially with Windows Phone "Apollo" on the way.

via: MonWindowsPhone; thanks, Max, for the heads up!