One of the neatest stories in 2014 is the availability of 3D printers in the home or by businesses. Instead of waiting for a company to design and produce a product, customers can take things into their own hands.

A few days ago, Microsoft's Ben Rudolph tweeted a photo of a 3D printed stand created for the new Microsoft Band fitness tracker. Now, that stand can be purchased through Idle Hands Development for a fresh $11 (plus shipping).

The stand comes in two colors, including black or white, and is made from nylon plastic. Users simply run the charging cord up through the stand, and since the connector is magnetic, the Band will attach itself and stay mounted during the charging process.

Absolute necessity? No, but for $11 we could imagine this little stand complementing a desk area for when you band is not in use or needing a quick charge, so why not?

We ordered one up and will take a closer look later this week when it is expected to arrive, in case you have some concerns. Otherwise, it up the source link to get your order in today.

Source: Idle Hands Development; via Ben Lower