Lumia 2520

Did you order a Nokia Lumia 2520 a few months back? It’s a pretty awesome tablet and we’re big fans of it. If you pre-ordered here in the United States you were promised a certain extra goodie with your Lumia 2520. That bonus being the keyboard accessory for the Lumia 2520 that provides a keyboard (duh), two USB ports, and an extra 50% battery thanks to the included battery. After a few months of delay, the Nokia Power Keyboard is finally shipping.

The Nokia Power Keyboard is pretty awesome and a must have accessory for the Lumia 2520. We didn’t get a chance to review it when we reviewed the Lumia 2520, but did enjoy using it at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi.

Emails are now going out to those who registered to receive the keyboard. It states that the keyboard is now finally shipping. Nokia is also giving out $20 vouchers for the Windows Store to make up for the delay in getting the accessory out.

The Nokia Power Keyboard comes in either black or red. It goes for about $150 USD, but still isn’t available to purchase online at Nokia’s website here in the United States. We also don’t see it online at either Verizon’s or AT&T website. We’ll reach out to Nokia and see if we can learn about availability here. Meanwhile, our friends in the UK have been able to order them for over a week now.

Anyone out there looking forward to getting their hands on the Power Keyboard for their Lumia 2520? Sound off below!

Thanks for the tips everyone!