Beautiful Mind Games isn't new to the Windows Phone Marketplace. They've developed Quadrata and Triangula, both popular puzzle games, and now bring you Orientile. It's another puzzle game that has you connecting the dots to create two-square rectangles.

The game has four levels of play (Innocence, Knowledge, Wisdom and Enlightenment) and three game board sizes (small, medium and large). You can play against the phone or pass and play with a friend.

Game play is simple in that you and your opponent take turns connecting the dots to create a two square rectangle. If your move creates the rectangle, you continue your turn by connecting another set of dots. As you create the rectangles, the squares are populated with various sushi symbols and when all the dots are connected, the player with the most rectangles wins.

Orientile, as with Triangula and Quadrata is a very challenging puzzle game. The computer will definitely give you a run for your money (more than likely take your money and kick you to the curb).  The game challenge is almost to the point that the game can be too difficult. As the Marketplace description mentions, Orientile is an easy game to learn but hard to master.

Orientile has a play back feature to let you see where you went wrong and you can submit your scores to an online leader board.  The game ran smoothly with no bumps in the road experienced and the graphics are nice.  Overall, the game isn't for everyone but if you like puzzle games, Orientile is worth checking out.

There is a free, ad-supported version here (opens Zune) and a $1.29 ad-free version here at the Marketplace.