The paid version of MonsterUp, the popular platormer, has been updated. The title has continuously been bumped in the past to apply fixes and introduce more functionality for players, but has since been overtaken by the sequel, MonsterUp Adventures. So what's new in the latest version of MonsterUp?

Should you be on Windows Phone 8, you'll be able to take advantage of in-app purchases that enable players to purchase all monsters. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for those on the latest version of Windows Phone and on the paid edition of the app itself. It's not supported in the lite version as monsters can't be unlocked by any means.

As well as in-app purchasing, the latest release slashes the special power timer in half to make said abilities more fun and convenient to use. While not a massive update, it's neat to have such functionality in place for those who wish to spend a few funds and support the developer to do so, as well as the boost in power. You can also check out MonsterUp Adventures, the sequel to MonsterUp.

You can download MonsterUp and MonsterUp Lite from the Windows Phone Store.

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