We are slightly past the halfway point in our 12 Days of Hidden Gems campaign, co-sponsored by Microsoft, and we figured we would expand things a bit.

If you recall, we recently announced that some highly valued Microsoft engineers and developers are assisting in our forums, working with people on Windows 10 requests and features. Now, we are growing that project with more Microsoft reps, focusing on Hidden Gems.

To the point, if you have tried any of the Hidden Gems apps and are having issues or questions about them then feel free to head into our dedicated Hidden Gems forums: forums.windowscentral.com/hidden-gems/

Once again, you will know the Microsofties are legit through the verified Microsoft badge with a check mark by their name. To make this officially official, here is who to look out for:

Microsoft - Hidden Gems liaisons (Real name/Forum handle)

  • Jim Prussack – Jamespru
  • Allan Da Costa Pinto – allandcp_ms
  • Will Tschumy – WillMSDesign
  • David Chou – dachou
  • John Wiese – jwiese_ms

We are thrilled to have them here to lend us a hand with this campaign! So with that, feel free to hop into our forums and ask away!

Did you miss our previous Hidden Gems articles? Just head to our Hidden Gems landing page and catch up. Remember, we are giving away $12,000 in prizes!