Lumia 535

A few days ago Microsoft announced the Lumia 535. It's a remarkable little Windows Phone for a few reasons. It's the first Lumia to come with Microsoft branding. It's affordable, but doesn't skimp on some key features like other entry-level Lumia handsets. And it may just be the best new Lumia for value. We have a strong community here at Windows Central thanks to our forums. Which is why you should probably check out the Lumia 535 forums if you want to talk about the Lumia 535 with other Windows enthusiasts.

Topic page

The Lumia 535 topic page is where you'll find all our coverage of the Lumia 535. It's a little bare right now, but look for it to flesh out once we get our hands on a Lumia 535.

Lumia 535 forums

The Lumia 535 forums is your destination to talk about the Lumia 535. It's not out yet, but it will be soon and you'll want to go there to learn all you can from fellow community members!