If you are an Insider using Windows 10 Mobile or Windows 10 for PC, you may want to check your Store for a late Friday update. Version 17.6224.42272 is now live, and it looks like an odd mashup of some small UI changes and the actual loss of a recent feature.

Comparing our two versions of the Outlook app and we noticed that the new Digital Signature and Encryption options have been removed from Settings. If we had to guess, there were some issues with the implementation and we'll likely see those security options come back in another build.

Additionally, we noticed that the happy Feedback icon has changed from full color to the more Windows 10 friendly wireframe design.

Other than those changes we do not see any other cosmetic or feature changes. There could be some under the hood improvements. However, we are not prepared to say that just yet. Grab the update and let us know if you see anything else!

Download Outlook Mail and Calendar from the Windows Store

Thanks, Ritesh K., for the tip!

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