Overdog, the Xbox One app that tries to match gamers with other people based on non-gaming interests, is now available to download for all owners of the console in the US, Canada and the UK. The app was previously made available for members of the Xbox One preview program.

Unlike other online gaming matchmaking services, Overdog tries to match multiplayer gamers up based on what kind of movies or TV shows they like to watch, what music they like to listen to and more. The company said:

Overdog is launching with almost a thousand topics, with plans to add many more based on feedback from the Xbox community. You can browse interests based on what's new and popular, as well as featured content and deals with partners like Scuf Gaming and Netduma. Find and Like games, movies, communities, celebrities, and more to make your profile, and Overdog matchmaking, more accurate.

The idea is that players would enjoy playing online matches with others that are interested in, rather than just some anonymous person that happened to be online with you at the same time. It should make finding new friends and gamers more interesting.

Source: Overdog